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Taiji Glass Lined Pipe

Why use Taiji glass lined pipe?

Taiji glass lined pipe is fabricated from high quality, low carbon seamless steel pipe. Our patented dark blue Fusion 900 is applied to the inner wall and over the flange faces to the outer edge. Continuity of coating is assured by spark testing. High voltage testing (20,000 volts) insures sufficient coverage and thickness to resist severe corrosives.

The fire polished surface of Fusion 9000 speeds product flow because sticky products do not adhere to glass lining as they do to metal or plastic surfaces. An added advantage to using glass lined pipe is it's easy to clean thus protecting product integrity.

Glass lined Pipe Options

Standard glass lined pipe is available in sizes from 1.5” through 12”.

Standard fabricated steel fittings from 1.5” to 12” are also available. Both pipe and fittings meet 150lbs. ANSI dimensions.

Higher rating ANSI standards can be supplied on special order.

 Glass Lined Pipe Options
  • 150 lb & 300 lb ANSI flanges
  • Jacketed Pipe & Fittings
  • 45 degree laterals
  • Elbows, Tees, Crosses
  • Instrument Tees
  • Reducing Flanges
  • Concentric Reducers
  • Eccentric Reducers
  • Blind Flanges
  • Donut Ring Spacers
  • Split Ring Flanges (ANSI, DIN)



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