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Pfaudler - De Dietrich - Ceramic Coating New Replacement Parts

Taiji, the world's largest producer of high-quality glass lined steel equipment is now offering brand new replacement parts for Pfaudler, De Dietrich and Ceramic Coating glass lined reactors and tanks. Choose from an assortment of styles and sizes of glass lined agitators, baffles, covers, and protection rings. Most items are in stock for immediate delivery.

Taiji offers a 20% discount off purchase price for good core exchange parts.

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Current Inventory

Retreat Curve Impellers

 Equipment Description Equipment Description
 50 Gallon TW/DTW 2,000 Gallon TW/DTW
 100 Gallon TW/DTW 2,000 Gallon RW/SRW
 300 Gallon RW/SRW 3,000 Gallon TW/DTW
 500 Gallon TW/DTW 3,000 Gallon RW/SRW
 500 Gallon RW/SRW 4,000 Gallon RW/SRW
 750 Gallon TW/DTW 6,000 Gallon RW/SRW
 750 Gallon RW/SRW   
 1,000 Gallon TW/DTW  
 1,000 Gallon RW/SRW  
 1,500 Gallon TW/DTW  
 1,500 Gallon RW/SRW  

Access Covers
RA/SA/WTJ Reactors

Manhole Covers

 30" 12" x 16" covers w/4" sight glass opening
 36" w/6" nozzle  14" x 18" covers w/4" sight glass opening
 42" w/6" nozzle  18" covers w/4" sight glass opening

Protection Rings
w / Spring Assist Arms

Call now for THE BEST prices on NEW Glass Lined Equipment Replacement parts.


 14" x 8"

Bottom Flush Valves

 2" x 1.5 " Manual
 2" x 1.5 " Low Profile Air Actuated
 3" x 2 " Manual
 3" x 2 " Low Profile Air Actuated

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