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Glass Lined Columns

Taiji glass lined columns are designed and manufactured to ASME Code and registered with the National Board.

Glass Lined Column Sizes

Taiji glass lined columns are custom manufactured to client specifications, with sizes ranging from 4" ID to 62". Smaller sizes are connected with split flanges while larger sizes are connected using flange clamps.

Custom Glass Lined Column Options

Columns can be manufactured using a variety of materials and coatings. Internal components can consist of support trays, perforated plates and distributors.

The bonnets and shell sections are coated with our Fusion 900 glass which offers superior protection against corrosion and product contamination.

We offer a variety of design pressures Full Vacuum to 150 PSIG with temperatures ranging from -20F to 450F.

All columns are ASME certified and equipped with ANSI nozzles.


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